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R7 - for use with multiple tractors headstock is connected to the frame via a parallelogram system. It can be used on any tractor with any wheel width.
The mounted fast cultivator. Gregoire-Besson's experience means a design providing great versatility for surface work in all conditions.
Medium, reversible mounted ploughs:
r4 thumb
Light, reversible, mounted ploughs: R41, R4 and RW4
DIsc Harrows of high penetration and laceration, ideal for the destruction of large volumes of plant residue.
X disc harrow with hydraulic folding SXP, SXPL range
rw6 thumb
Work quality, easy to use, robust. It provides high end work quality combining waste management, soil loosening and levelling.
The ploughs of S4/SW4 types for tractors of 40 to 120 HP.

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