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Monosem application

Monosem applicationMonosem application

An application that can be downloaded free of charge 
This application that can be downloaded free of charge and available for Android Tablet/Smartphone, enables you to rapidly know the gearbox adjustment according to the required seed population. Once the adjustment made and  the planter characteristics given (model of planter and gearbox, inter row spacing and number of holes on the discs), the user has just to indicate the required seed population (population/ha or distance between seeds) to know the appropriate gearbox ratio. The application proposes the ratio corresponding exactly to the required adjustment or the upper or lower ratios the nearest to the required adjustment. Then the user has just to adjust the planter. All the data will be kept in memory for future use and it is also possible to save several adjustments. This application proposes, in the same way, the adjustment of the fertilizer and the Microsem.

An application designed to be used by the majority of MONOSEM customers 
This application can be downloaded on Google Apps. The display, available in 3 languages (French, English and German), can be used by the majority of MONOSEM customers whether the planter is recent or not.

With this application, MONOSEM offers customers a user-friendly tool for the majority of MONOSEM planters in service.

You can download it from Play Store and App store using the QR codes or the logo links.

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